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Hypothyroid Recipe ebooklet


Scientific research has shown that there are certain foods, rich in nutrients which your thyroid requires to function properly and it’s important to include them in your diet. A hypothyroidism diet can help support underactive thyroid symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss and excess weight. The recipes in my e-booklets have been created with all of these nutrients in mind, but are also quick, easy and delicious.

Goitrogens are substances found in certain foods that may interfere with thyroid function. Therefore, I have only included the foods that, when cooked, are much lower in goitrogens. Due to the fact that hypothyroidism can have a negative effect on blood sugars and vice versa, the recipes in my e-booklet seek to support a balanced blood sugar level. Hippocrates said: “All disease begins in the gut.” Poor gut health can suppress thyroid function, so there are plenty of anti-inflammatory, gut healing recipes and ingredients.

If you are looking to alter your diet, to help with your underactive thyroid symptoms, this e-booklet is full of over 30 recipes to get your started on your journey. If you know that you have hypothyroidism, due to autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s), then my autoimmune recipe ebooklet may better suit you.

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