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Nutrition Consultation


I offer one to one consultations in my clinic or via Zoom/phone.

What’s involved?

Before we meet, I gather information from your questionnaire and food diary, to help prepare your recommendations. With the aim of reducing your symptoms, at the consultation, I get to work at trying to also find the root cause. I look at your medical history and your current diet and lifestyle, including medication and supplements, if applicable. As a Registered Nutritionist it is best practice to always check medication against any contraindications. I put together my recommendations, which include a tailored eating and lifestyle plan, with recipes and supplements. This also includes support and guidance around what nutrition is and why specific recommendations have been made.

Who could benefit from a nutrition consultation?

While I have many male clients, I work mainly with woman who are juggling a lot of different roles in their lives and who don’t feel how they would like to. The stress of being a busy mother, juggling family and work, can leave you feeling as if you want and need a change. You may be struggling with a health condition that is leaving you exhausted and overweight or just need to fine tune your existing diet to look and feel your best. I work best with clients who like to take control of their own health and who may believe that they can do this through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

How many nutrition consultations will be required?

The first consultation usually lasts 1.5 hours. In order to monitor progress, it’s necessary for you to return after 2-4 weeks for a 1 hour follow up appointment. I find it helpful to do a quick weekly check in, in between full consultation, to help accountability and make any tweaks necessary. In my experience, the best results are achieved with a minimum of 3 consultations. Changes should not be stressful and need to be sustainable and it all depends on what you want to achieve.

Do you do specialised tests?

Yes, I am registered with a number of recognised private laboratories who provide specialised tests. If there are specific tests that you are interested in, let me know and I would be happy to discuss it with you. While working with someone, I will suggest a specific test, if I feel it necessary. Tests can be a worthwhile investment, to help get to the underlying root cause of your symptoms. The 4 most common tests that I utilise are;

– GI Comprehensive stool test- Nutrient analysis test- Food intolerance test- Thyroid hormone tests

These tests give me invaluable insights into your digestive function, nutrient needs and all thyroid hormones.

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