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Insomnia and weight

I initially began working with Olivia for Thyroid and weight related issues and she was so understanding and supportive of what was going on for me. She recommended amazing meal plans and food supplements/vitamins which resulted in my thyroid going back to normal within a few weeks. I also suffered from insomnia and after a few weeks of taking the supplements I was able to sleep really well. If I hadn’t gone to Olivia I never would have known I was deficient in Vitamin D either. She was amazing to work with and I would recommend her to everyone.


I have followed your diet plan as exactly as possible for 9 days now and the good news is that I have lost over 11 LBS

Thyroid symptoms

I have been a client of Olivia’s for over 2 years. Without Olivia’s knowledge and expertise l would definitely not be where I am today. I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid after the birth of my daughter in 2011.  I was prescribed eltroxin and told to take it every day for the rest of my life. I thought that would be it but that was where my problems really began. I felt very lost and alone with all the various debilitating symptoms my condition presented; exhaustion, urticaria, recurring sinus infections, hair loss, muscle aches, the list was end less.  Doctors just fobbed my off whenever l discussed my symptoms. Part of me thought that this was how l should feel after having a baby even after a year. Finally l met Olivia in 2016 my life changed dramatically for the better. Through private tests, I found out that I have hashimoto thyroiditis. From my very first consultation with Olivia my journey to recovery began; my medication is at its lowest dose, my energy is back, my diet is very healthy. l’m a different person. Without Olivia’s help l honestly don’t know where I would be now. Her work and knowledge is immeasurably. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I contacted Olivia because my thyroid stimulating hormone was high and I was feeling generally unwell. Olivia provided me with nutritional supplements, recommended changes to my diet, recipes and relaxation therapy. I had severe constipation for years and this has been solved. My HDL cholesterol has increased within a couple of months and this has been noted favourably by Health Professionals. My friends and family have noted that I am generally looking much healthier especially my hair and skin. Olivia has a very pleasant manner and supportive, as I was concerned until I began to feel better. I highly recommend Olivia