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Underactive Thyroid

When I went to see Olivia in 2014 I was feeling really let down by the public health service. I was on medication for my thyroid but still felt awful! When I told my doctor that I really didn’t feel like the medication was doing anything, he wanted to put me on anti-depressants and that really made me sad. So when I heard about Olivia I was hoping that she would help me. She did so much more than I could have ever imagined and I feel like I have someone who has my back. She has a wealth of knowledge and has helped me reduce my meds and improve my symptoms. I can’t thank her enough.


Autoimmune Thyroid

I have been attending Olivias clinic for the past year.  Without her knowledge l definitely wouldn’t be as healthy as l am today. I suffer with an underactive thyroid.  Before l attended olivias clinic l had many distressing symptoms but my health has improved immensely.  Her work, knowledge and expertise is so impressive, l couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


Adrenals and Blood Sugars

I would highly recommend Olivia for anyone interested in improving overall health and in particular endocrine issues. I found Olivia highly knowledgeable, professional and thorough and her suggestions on diet and supplements have radically improved my health for the better.



I went to see Olivia last year and found her extremely helpful as I have Thyroid problem. I got great advice and guidelines from her about food, what to eat and what not to eat. Also Supplement to take as I am also taken Eltroxin.