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Insomnia and weight

I initially began working with Olivia for Thyroid and weight related issues and she was so understanding and supportive of what was going on for me. She recommended amazing meal plans and food supplements/vitamins which resulted in my thyroid going back to normal within a few weeks. I also suffered from insomnia and after a few weeks of taking the supplements I was able to sleep really well. If I hadn’t gone to Olivia I never would have known I was deficient in Vitamin D either. She was amazing to work with and I would recommend her to everyone.


I have attended Olivia Beck Nutrition, and I have to say one of the best people l have went to, regarding my Diet, and my Thyroid. She explained everything to me in layman’s terms. Everything was brilliant, She is well worth seeing.

Catherine Cosgrave

IBS and Anxiety

I worked with Olivia mainly for my I.B.S. I also had problems with binge eating, anxiety and concentration. After doing a Gi map test, Olivia talked me through what I should be eating and prescribed biotics and supplements to help heal my gut. After 3 months of working with Olivia, I feel like a completely different person. My symptoms have eliminated. My self-worth has improved a huge amount due to realizing how much my gut impacted the decisions I was making about my food and how I was eating, as appose to blaming myself for lack of discipline. Olivia is very approachable and welcoming. My only regret is that I wished I worked with Olivia much sooner. Thanks Olivia!

IBS and Anxiety

Olivia recommended a GI map test and since following the appropriate diet and supplement plan based on the findings, I have had a feeling of comfort and ease in my stomach that I can’t remember having before! Constipation is less of an issue also. I now realise just how sensitive my stomach must be to the different foods I was eating. I am feeling more balanced physically and mentally. Having finished up with anxiety medication a few months ago, this is a huge benefit for me. I’m delighted to have learnt how to take care of myself in this way. Thank you Olivia!