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IBS and Anxiety

Olivia recommended a GI map test and since following the appropriate diet and supplement plan based on the findings, I have had a feeling of comfort and ease in my stomach that I can’t remember having before! Constipation is less of an issue also. I now realise just how sensitive my stomach must be to the different foods I was eating. I am feeling more balanced physically and mentally. Having finished up with anxiety medication a few months ago, this is a huge benefit for me. I’m delighted to have learnt how to take care of myself in this way. Thank you Olivia! 


He has virtually no eczema/psoriasis now. Just a few tiny bumps on the elbows/knee and one or two on the bum, but you have to go looking for it really. He hasn’t been complaining of any other symptoms either so he’s doing great.


High Cholesterol

My GP is no longer concerned about my cholesterol, amazing! Thanks for all your support Olivia