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I contacted Olivia because my thyroid stimulating hormone was high and I was feeling generally unwell. Olivia provided me with nutritional supplements, recommended changes to my diet, recipes and relaxation therapy. I had severe constipation for years and this has been solved. My HDL cholesterol has increased within a couple of months and this has been noted favourably by Health Professionals. My friends and family have noted that I am generally looking much healthier especially my hair and skin. Olivia has a very pleasant manner and supportive, as I was concerned until I began to feel better. I highly recommend Olivia



Final tally lost 6.5lbs so delighted. Had recipes again so far today as they fab. I think my taste buds have been retrained!  Thanks for all your help.


Many thanks for the wonderful detox. It was the easiest detox I have ever done. I’m a seasoned d-toxer, which I do twice a year, but this was the most satisfying I have done. I had great results. I even lost a few inches. I’m definitely sleeping better, have more energy and I’m not so desperately tired. The recipes were great and they took the guess work out of balancing what I needed to nourish myself. The greens soup with kale was amazing and is a constant staple in my fridge. I’m sticking to the recipes for another few days and will do it all over again in January with the rest of you. More recipes please – loved them all!


Food Intolerance Test

I decided to go to Olivia as I was constantly getting spots on my legs and also wanted to have a good diet plan to support my training. She carried out a food intolerance test and upon getting the results, Olivia was able to give me loads of great recipes that avoid these foods. I feel a lot healthier and stronger than ever before and the spots have all cleared up. Thanks Olivia.