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Thyroid symptoms

I have been a client of Olivia’s for over 2 years. Without Olivia’s knowledge and expertise l would definitely not be where I am today. I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid after the birth of my daughter in 2011.  I was prescribed eltroxin and told to take it every day for the rest of my life. I thought that would be it but that was where my problems really began. I felt very lost and alone with all the various debilitating symptoms my condition presented; exhaustion, urticaria, recurring sinus infections, hair loss, muscle aches, the list was end less.  Doctors just fobbed my off whenever l discussed my symptoms. Part of me thought that this was how l should feel after having a baby even after a year. Finally l met Olivia in 2016 my life changed dramatically for the better. Through private tests, I found out that I have hashimoto thyroiditis. From my very first consultation with Olivia my journey to recovery began; my medication is at its lowest dose, my energy is back, my diet is very healthy. l’m a different person. Without Olivia’s help l honestly don’t know where I would be now. Her work and knowledge is immeasurably. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I contacted Olivia because my thyroid stimulating hormone was high and I was feeling generally unwell. Olivia provided me with nutritional supplements, recommended changes to my diet, recipes and relaxation therapy. I had severe constipation for years and this has been solved. My HDL cholesterol has increased within a couple of months and this has been noted favourably by Health Professionals. My friends and family have noted that I am generally looking much healthier especially my hair and skin. Olivia has a very pleasant manner and supportive, as I was concerned until I began to feel better. I highly recommend Olivia



Final tally lost 6.5lbs so delighted. Had recipes again so far today as they fab. I think my taste buds have been retrained!  Thanks for all your help.

Food Intolerance Test

I decided to go to Olivia as I was constantly getting spots on my legs and also wanted to have a good diet plan to support my training. She carried out a food intolerance test and upon getting the results, Olivia was able to give me loads of great recipes that avoid these foods. I feel a lot healthier and stronger than ever before and the spots have all cleared up. Thanks Olivia.