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Heart Health

I was looking for help with dealing with health issues that would usually require long term medication. Olivia was recommended to me as someone who could help through nutrition. I found her approach holistic, in contrast to going to one specialist for a certain problem, another for something else which could well be related, but isn’t considered if outside the practitioner’s speciality – she joined up the dots to make an overall picture to be treated. She was very thorough in taking my history and recommending certain tests, and I liked the fact that she had a good relationship with my GP so that results of any tests done by the GP were available to her. I have a good diet, exercise and sleep well, so I initially didn’t think there was much room for improvement, but she did suggest some changes and strategies that have made a difference to how I feel and that will have a positive impact on my long term health. On a personal note, I found her empathetic and warm, so that the whole experience of being asked to make changes didn’t feel like punishment, but more like an interesting challenge! I would highly recommend Olivia to anyone who wants to take a proactive approach to their health.


Adrenals and Blood Sugars

I would highly recommend Olivia for anyone interested in improving overall health and in particular endocrine issues. I found Olivia highly knowledgeable, professional and thorough and her suggestions on diet and supplements have radically improved my health for the better.


Digestive Health

When I first saw Olivia in 2016, I was really quite unwell and had practically given up on seeing doctors. With diet and supplements, I began to heal almost immediately. Olivia’s knowledge of the body, of illness, and the road to health through the food we eat is impressive and reassuring.



I went to see Olivia last year and found her extremely helpful as I have Thyroid problem. I got great advice and guidelines from her about food, what to eat and what not to eat. Also Supplement to take as I am also taken Eltroxin.