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I Initially went to see Olivia for advice regarding my thyroid health and I found her expertise in helping me with both my thyroid and digestive problems to be invaluable. Olivia advised me on the best diet to follow which would support my thyroid while simultaneously healing my gut and gave me some recipes to get me started.  She also ordered some tests which gave a clear picture of nutrient deficiencies etc. and accordingly prescribed some high quality supplements specifically tailored to my needs. I have since noticed a considerable improvement in my thyroid and digestive symptoms and am very grateful for being able to feel and sleep better.

Olivia is extremely thorough in her consultations and does extra work after the consultation is over in compiling her recommendations with regard to diet, lifestyle and supplements, further research on unusual questions and so on. Olivia is a very professional and caring person and has a genuine interest in my problems. She is great to follow up after consultations and keep in touch and I have already recommended her to my friends and family.