Workplace Nutrition

Employee Wellbeing and Wellness

Employee wellness has never been more important. Sick days cost Irish businesses €1.5 billion per year and surveys are showing that 90% of Irish employers say that health and wellbeing has a direct effect on productivity.
Workplace wellbeing has been proven to considerably improve productivity and reduce absenteeism with staff.
At Olivia Beck Nutrition, we deliver a variety of corporate wellness & wellbeing programs to help your staff make the right choices.
By creating a happy and healthy workforce, productivity increases, sick days are reduced and your businesses saves money in the long term.

Burn-out syndrome

Employee burnout has a knock-on effect for employers, due to decrease in productivity, disturbances in relationships with co-workers and increased absenteeism.

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Workplace Nutrition Education

It is accepted that the surrounding environments in which individuals live and work influences their health behaviors and that modifying these environments at both macro and micro levels is an important catalyst for behavior change.

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Diet Quality & Absenteeism

Workplace health promotion policies should be incorporate recommendations designed to prevent and manage excess weight, improve diet quality and increase physical activity levels of employees, to reduce absenteeism.

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